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Our partners Rachel Vuattoux-Gomez and David

Kerchenbaum offer the very best of their expertise to assist you in tax, accounting,
payroll and HR and also in legal matters

In an intrusive world, discretion and analysis are our watchwords

In a world that is constantly changing and subject to continual stress, we study, taking a calm and prudent approach, tax, social security, accounting and legal solutions that are the most sustainable for you

Expertise of the highest order and a level of experience that gives you the best service

Abcys Business & Consulting Sàrl takes all steps needed to deal with the files you entrust to us with complete understanding, accurate analysis of your situation and experience that is kept constantly up to date


Taxes 2021 & 2022

You have received or will receive:

> your tax return 2021 which needs to be completed and to be sent to the tax authority before 31 of March 2022 (individual taxation) and/or 30 of April 2022 (corporate taxation) ;

> the income-tax installments 2022 (cantonal and federal taxes) which have to be paid within the strict deadlines in order to preserve your rights in terms of deadlines.

We stay at your disposal to complete your tax return 2021, to request an extension for your tax deadline 2021 and/or to change your installments 2022.

For more information,download the attached PDF

Our firm is awarded in the top of

the 100 best accountant and tax experts in Switzerland

We are thrilled to inform you that our firm Abcys Business & Consulting Sàrl was awarded in the top of the 100 best accountant and tax experts in Switzerland, out of some 10,000 fiduciary offices across our country.

The classification was published in the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, dated November 5, 2020.

These awards are the most prestigious in the accountant and tax industry and our inclusion on the shortlist is testimony to the high quality of work delivered by Abcys Business & Consulting Sàrl to clients throughout the years and to our renowned expertise

We stay at your disposal to give you the best of ourselves.

For more information, download the attached PDF.

Best Tax and Accountant Advisers of Switzerland

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We offer you an accounting and financial service that is second to none, essential for the success of your business or company. We help you meet all your legal obligations and thus enable you to have as full an understanding as possible of the financial position of your business or company, without eroding the principle of prudence or the authority of the balance sheet for the resulting taxation. Our interventions can be specific or universal, particularly in the following areas: - General and cost accounting - Closure of annual and interim accounts - Drawing up...

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