Abcys Business & Consulting Sàrl in Geneva

Our partners Rachel Vuattoux-Gomez and David

Kerchenbaum offer the very best of their expertise to assist you in tax, accounting,
payroll and HR and also in legal matters

In an intrusive world, discretion and analysis are our watchwords

In a world that is constantly changing and subject to continual stress, we study, taking a calm and prudent approach, tax, social security, accounting and legal solutions that are the most sustainable for you

Expertise of the highest order and a level of experience that gives you the best service

Abcys Business & Consulting Sàrl takes all steps needed to deal with the files you entrust to us with complete understanding, accurate analysis of your situation and experience that is kept constantly up to date


Effective advice in a range of legal fields

Our partner - a lawyer judge – will be your confidant. He will be able to offer you his expert advice in a range of legal fields :

  • Company and contract law (company constitution, drafting contracts, agreements between partners / shareholders, etc.)
  • Tax law (Swiss cantonal and federal law, link with international legislation)
  • Employment law (employment contract, internal regulations, residency and work permits, …)
  • Family law (marriage contracts, advice in the area of divorce, of separations, …)
  • Property law (letting and subletting agreements, work orders, tenancy law and rental disputes, etc.)
  • Social security law (AVS/AI, accidents, sickness, unemployment, etc.)
  • Debt recovery by means of prosecution and insolvency

What is more, our company collaborates with a range of legal offices in Switzerland and abroad, especially. We will therefore be able to provide the link between our Swiss law and the various foreign legal queries that would be of interest to you.

Practical information

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